You can buy a proxy if you don't want to get stuck in your Multi-Account Management, script/ software, program and other personal or commercial accounts.

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How proxy type buy Instagram ?


In the World, IPv6 is cheaper in price because it is more than IPv4 in number. If your personal account is 4-5 years old, has not received a spam penalty before and is of good quality, it does not matter what type of proxy you use.

You must select the Proxy type based on the quality of your account, whether it is dated or not. It manages thousands of accounts, and if your accounts are of quality, IPv6 will be the best choice for you.


If you are managing your personal account, if you are using Instagram limits, you can choose IPv4, which is the type of internet IP in our real home.

If you want Instagram to completely make me look like I'm entering from a mobile phone, you should opt for a mobile proxy. This type of proxy uses the real 4G SIM internet, so you're actually logging into Instagram from the phone that's how you look to get in. Mobile proxy is always more positively received by Instagram.