$ 1.40 /mo

starting piece price


IPV4 Proxy

Personalized and quality IPV4 proxies are top-performing and confidential. You can use it in all your web-and game-based writing.


We have a very large proxy pool and provide you with 100% non-sharing, confidential, secure and high quality proxy service.

Web scraping, personal social media account management and online gaming at the same time, such as the need for a clean ip you can use private Proxy at ease.

100% proxy

You can easily use proxies on all social media sites at the same time in games.


Once you have purchased your proxies, you can use them without any password by defining them to your fixed IP.


You can use your proxies as SOCKS, whether you want HTTPS or not. You can easily change the type of proxy from your panel.

Multi Threat

You can log in to proxye multiple times at the same time.

100% Private

The proxies you have purchased are exclusive to you only.

Zero Data/ No Log

Proxies do not hold data / Log records.


IPv4 proxies have a speed limit of 10Mbit and there is no GB quota or limit. There is no need to buy an additional GB package at the price you have purchased.